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Understanding the Eglin Federal Credit Union

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“Eglin Federal Credit Union” is a non-profit credit union owned by the members of the corporation “Eglin Federal”. “Eglin Federal Credit Union” is a member-held financial cooperative association serving Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Walton counties in southeastern California. It is one of the members of the Pacific Association of Credit Unions (PCAUC). It is also one of eighteen such cooperatives in the state of Oregon. It is also a member of the National Credit Union League.

“Eglin Federal Credit Union” has its own website. There you will find all the information you may need about meetings, annual general meetings, political issues, membership fees, and other pertinent information regarding the credit union. It also has an online application form. One can apply for membership here. You will be required to fill out the application and submit it by email.

It is imperative that you read the entire Credit Union Disclosure Policy very carefully. You must have at least an inkling of the contents before applying for membership. Other necessary information that you should be aware of includes the nature of your business, the number of members in your business, the minimum requirements that you may need to meet, and the rights of those who may be excluded from being members of your credit union.

In addition to the above, there are several other fees that you should be aware of. One fee is non-compulsory. It means that the credit union does not charge you any fee if you do not join. You can decide whether or not to join based on the fees that you are required to pay. The other fee is the Annual General Meeting Fee. This fee may be charged in addition to the other fees mentioned.

Aside from the financial aspects of credit unions, there are also the social aspects that are important to know about. There is a certain schedule that you must follow in order to be a member of the credit union. Members are required to attend the AGM every year. You may also participate in conferences and workshops.

By joining, you will also get information updates from time to time. One way to get these updates is to log in to the Eglin Federal Credit Union website. You will also be able to find important information such as your rights when it comes to handling confidential information. Information such as how to report fraud and how to file grievances are among the topics that you will find interesting. As well, you will be informed about how to protect yourself from credit card frauds and identity theft.

Once you have joined, you can expect your credit union to provide you with a host of services. One of them is the Direct Transfer Service (DTS). With this service, you will not have to go through a middleman such as a bank or a credit union agent anymore. Instead, you will be able to pay all your bills and other financial obligations directly from your credit union account. You can also request for additional information about any particular service that you need.

Aside from that, there is also the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) service available for you. By electronically transferring money from your checking account to your credit union account, you will not have to wait for a money transfer receipt. EFT can help you avoid late payment charges and it can also save you from having problems dealing with multiple bills at once. In addition, EFTs are more convenient because you can do them at any time, even at work.

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